Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey


Customer satisfaction surveys are a critical part of running a successful business, regardless of the service, product, or industry. They measure customer satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, with a company’s offerings, offer businesses an opportunity to communicate and build rapport with their customers, and determine critical areas that need improvement. When businesses take both criticism and praise to heart, they are better able to fulfill their customers’ needs and build invaluable loyalty.

By taking part in a simple and straightforward Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey, customers can earn entries into a sweepstakes draw where they stand a chance to win $1,000. You can put yourself in line for this cash prize by simply opting to answer a few simple questions. Sweepstakes occur monthly, and are offered to legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years of age. This survey is a marketing strategy aimed at obtaining honest feedback from customers. The information obtained is useful for future service improvement.

About Dollar General

Dollar General is a discount retailer in the United States, billing itself as “America’s General Store”. The company sells a wide variety of goods centered around frequently needed goods like food and beauty aids, with thousands of discounted name brand products available at all of the stores. The target market for Dollar General tend to be lower income consumers, with a particular focus on suburban populations. Dollar General operates stores in 43 states.

Dollar General was founded in 1939, but is currently a privately held company. It currently competes with several other small market franchises, and has experimented with a larger grocery store model called the Dollar General Market. The company is also the exclusive retailer of Rexall products, and features several products under the DG brand.


How to Enter the Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customers who receive an official receipt with a survey code printed on it after shopping at a Dollar General store are eligible to participate in the survey. Additionally, you will need the following:

  • Access to your computer or mobile device.
  • Internet access.
  • A receipt containing an invitation for the survey.
  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Be a legal citizen of the US.


  • Visit
  • Read the instructions and enter the code indicated on the bottom of your Dollar General receipt, but do not include the dashes.
  • Visit and read the official sweepstakes rules.
  • Click next screen to begin the survey.
  • Indicate the language you would like to take the survey.
  • Answer the simple survey questions as honestly as possible.
  • To enter the sweepstakes drawing, you will need to enter your phone number, beginning with the area code, and your name in the spaces provided.
Survey video produced by GuestSatisfactionSurveys Team and Dollar General customers anonymous.

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Dollar General understands that satisfied customers are the key to succeeding and staying in business for the long haul. In the game of business, profit and sales are how business owners keep score. However, the game is all about customer satisfaction. All companies need to measure customer satisfaction to understand how well they are playing the game. Customer satisfaction surveys are the best way of doing that.


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  1. I usually shop at the Blue Ridge (VA) store but tonight I was near the Orange Ave store #03766 and went there instead. What a refreshing experience. Debbie, the cashier, was knowledgeable and friendly. In the future, I will make a point of going to that store whenever feasible.

  2. I shop at the dollar General in Commerce, Ga.,store 997. I have never been in one of your store that is such a mess as that one. The employees don’t seem to care. Merchandise just throw on the shelves. I wish alone with my neighbors that you had a undercover person to come in. I love shopping at your stores. But I will drive out of my way before that one. I am 5 minutes away. Thanks you very much…

  3. I shop at the Lockport, Illinois store and have always had a good experience. The manager is now a friend to my husband and myself. If I go in alone he always asks how my husband it. The store is always clean and well stocked and he goes out of his way to be helpful. I guess his attitude is contagious, as his employees are all very friendly and nice. The displays of seasonal items is always up to date and beautifull put out which makes it easy to shop. Things aren’t blocking aisles and if we ha e questions they’re always helpful.

  4. I normally go to the dollar general store in Graham but I broke down in front of the store on 54 and the lady Kristen was very helpful and courteous. She went above and beyond and I will be definitely becoming a regular.

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