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Many businesses realize that customer satisfaction is vital. They understand that losing loyal, valued customers is bad for their long-term profits and overall success. Even though most business owners understand this on a basic level, some of them seem to misunderstand what losing a single client can mean to their business. Qdoba Mexican Eats are famous for delivering an exceptional dining experience to their customers. To continue doing this, they need to know what their customers expect, how they feel, and where they need to improve. This is why the company is carrying out the Qdoba Mexican Eats Customer Satisfaction Survey. Gathering customer feedback through surveys is a great way for businesses to use that information to make improvements focused on customer value.

Understanding exactly what customers need, want, and expect and conveying that information to employees is the key to maintaining a loyal customer base. When it comes to customer satisfaction and determining whether a business is meeting its customers’ needs, online customer satisfaction surveys are one of the most effective tools to ascertain a business’ successes of failures.

The Qdoba Mexican Eats Customer Satisfaction Survey will help the company gain valuable insight from its customers that will lead it to more revenue and happier customers. The survey will also help the company understand the unmet needs of its customers and tailor its product and service strategies to meet those demands. It will also help the company gather information about new services, products and ideas that its customers are after.

About Qdoba Mexican Eats

Qdoba Mexican Eats is a fast food restaurant chain serving Mexican-style cuisine in the US and Canada. The company can trace its roots to the opening in 1995 of the Zuma Fresh Mexican Grill. In 1997, Zuma changed its name to Z-Teca Mexican Grill due to a lawsuit from another establishment using the Zuma name. By 2013, Qdoba Mexican Eats operated more than 600 restaurants throughout the United States.


How to Complete the Qdoba Mexican Eats Customer Satisfaction Survey

You will need:

  • A Qdoba Mexican Eats restaurant receipt with a survey invitation.
  • A basic understanding of English or Spanish.
  • A PC or mobile device with Internet access.


  1. Visit qdobalistens.com.
  2. Select your preferred language.
  3. Enter the 15-digit code to begin.
  4. Answer all survey questions honestly.
  5. Submit the survey to get your coupon code.

Survey video produced by GuestSatisfactionSurveys Team and Qdoba Mexican Eats customers anonymous.

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Customers have needs and desires they seek to fill. A successful business should be able to recognize those needs and provide them with a satisfying service or product that feels those needs and desires. The more efficiently a business can deliver satisfying solutions, the more trusted and recognizable the business will become. A customer satisfaction survey is designed to measure customer experience and provide vital information about the interaction between a company, its customers, and the overall opinion of the provided services or products.



  • Nike R in the Kingsbridge store was wonderful, asked all the right questions but could not answer if they would be getting Heck square sausages in, could you help please? The suare sausages are fantastic.
    Anne Mitchell

  • Went to BK today went to the drive-thru the man that was working at the drive-thru did not get my order correct and went to the phone Fredericksburg VA at Central Park what’s happening taking my order and ask me to get out of line so he can get to the next car I was very frustrated I still had to get out and go into the store because it hadn’t completed my order correctly I don’t appreciate him asking me to move out and waiting on the next person when he wasn’t finished with me just thought you should know the service is very poor

  • We was very displeased with the service we received tonight at 7pm. Our original plan was to carry out but once me & my family arrived we decided to dine in.The waitress/hostess did not even greet us we felt very unwelcomed at this restaurant, we explained to the waitress/hostess that we wanted to change our carry out order to dine in, but instead it became argumentative between my family and the hostess/waitress then she walked up front to speak to the young lady at the front desk & the lady at the front said “it’s not her problem” we ended up seating ourselves, only to receive cold pizza I tried to force myself to eat it and I felt nauseous, the waitress wasn’t tending to us, the waitress seemed as if she didn’t know what she was doing, then the young lady up front came over we asked to see the manager but, the team leader decided she can fix the issue, but she didn’t fix it all, and denied our request to see/speak to the manager, we are extremely upset and unsatisfied with this establishment, we won’t be returning we’ll have to travel to a different pizza Hut to get better customer service

  • Most horrible experience…… Sabrina the cashier, I guess she is also the manager of store 265, was very cold and impersonal. After asking us in monotone one moment please, minutes passed, then she came back, again monotoned, and said they have a very big order back there, and I couldn’t tell if she was saying she didn’t want our food to be cold or the big order. So we wait…… Food finally ordered and wait….. Get food, burgers are cold, on stale buns and the drinks are warm, so what exactly did we wait for? Don’t know, I myself work in a restaurant very high volume there were 4 not 40, 4 people in the place and the one car that had already ordered was the only drive thru business, we were the only two in line and the 4 people in the dining area we actively eating…. It’s just so disappointing to go to one of the few fast food places you think is good and realize that this place has slipped off the Wendy’s good quality food radar.

  • Courtney at the store number 1077 outstanding service. Always smiling and willing to do anything to help you. Very professional. Great person.

  • Gentleman enter store and said he had called the store about order being wrong and whomever he spoke with said to come back and they would fix order so he told the manager that and her response was you did not speak to me and and I am not fixing the order…… He said they left 5 taco’s out of the box he ordered and she replied they did not and now way they could have…… I am still at the restaurant eating and since then 2 more people have came up saying that there order was wrong and things got left off order…… This manager should be written up for her actions and the poor customer service she gave that gentleman…… This happened at gardendale, Alabama store on fieldstown road at 130pm on Wednesday may 11th…….
    Thanks Bill Dunn…..

  • Very helpful staff the member called Heather at store 96 was very friendly and put me at ease helping me to decide. Have been shopping at Matalan for a long time and will continue to do so. Thank you

  • This by far was one of the worst expirence i have had at any McDonald’s ever they tried to give me a sandwich that was handed out the Window to the people in front of us also the other 3 we order was cold. When request for different food the manager stated next time u need to let someone know u want the food fresh; now pull around we will bring it outside when its done. When the food was brought outside the food still was cold as if they had it already made. I love McDonald’s n i come here all the time but this was ridiculous.

  • The last 3 times I have been to this Mcdonalds through the drive-through my fast has been just shoved out the window no smile no thank you come back and CS nothing all three times my food is cold my french fries or cold in the car my hamburgers have been told in the car .. This is ridiculous I won’t be back !

  • Customer service is very poor by cashier. She was in a terrible mood. I gave her change and she threw it at her register. No smile no hello just that will be $2.15.

    No thank
    What kind of employees do hire. They don’t wow their customers. They bark at them.

    I am not going back to this mcdonalds again.


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