Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey


One of the largest food corporations in the world has set up a customer satisfaction survey so that its customers can take advantage of free food and the chance to win cash prizes. By visiting, anyone of legal age who has kept their purchase receipt can take part in the survey. The goal is for Pizza Hut to improve its customer service in all its stores worldwide.

By telling the company what you think about their service and food, you can gain the chance to win large prizes worth up to $1,500. It only takes about ten minutes to fill out all the survey questions online, after which Pizza Hut will email you your proof of participation and entry into the sweepstakes for prizes.

About Pizza Hut Corporation

Based in the U.S., but with stores all over the world in 15,000 places, Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands. Yum is one of the world’s biggest food-related corporations, selling all kinds of Italian-American items from its Pizza Hut stores.

In operation since 1958, Pizza Hut has grown from its humble Kansas roots into a major international food chain, with storefronts in almost every country in the world, and on all continents. The growth of the company began to take off after the late 1960s, when stores began opening in the Eastern U.S.


How to Enter the Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A computer or mobile device with internet access.
  • Be able to read and understand Spanish or English.
  • A valid and recent Pizza Hut receipt with a survey invitation.
  • Of a certain age to enter the sweepstakes.


  1. Visit the survey site at
  2. Choose to proceed in either Spanish or English.
  3. Enter a 4 or 5 digit store number printed at the top, middle or bottom of your receipt and click enter to begin the survey.
  4. You will need to complete the survey to receive ten chances to win $1,000 cash daily, and a chance to win one of the other awesome prizes valued at $1,500 weekly.
  5. Enter the following information from your receipt and click enter to proceed: date of visit and time of visit.
  6. If there is a ticket number printed near the top of your receipt, enter it in the space provided. However, if you cannot find it you can go straight to the survey questions.
  7. Answer all survey questions honestly based on your most recent visit to Pizza Hut.
  8. Indicate whether you would like to take future surveys via email for more chances to win. Also indicate whether you would like to receive emails with promotional information and offers from Pizza Hut and its affiliates. Click next to continue.
  9. Enter your email address.
  10. Provide your contact information so that Pizza Hut can enter you into the sweepstakes, limited to two survey entries per household per seven day period.
  11. Answer the last question about the number of times you ordered pizza from either Pizza Hut only or any other restaurant, including Pizza Hut, over the last 30 days and submit the survey.
  12. You will get a message informing you that you have been entered into the contest.

Survey video produced by GuestSatisfactionSurveys Team and Pizza Hut customers anonymous.

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The daily and weekly sweepstakes are open to legal residents of the U.S., including the District of Columbia, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, the Republic of Korea, and Honduras, who are over the age of 20 in the Republic of Korea, over 16 years of age in the UK, over 18 years of age in Denmark, Germany, and the Republic of Ireland, and over the age of majority in the U.S, Honduras, and Canada.


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